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  • Blog post cover art for ChatGPT's Biggest Problem Isn't Hallucinations

    The large scale production of contradictory doublespeak by ChatGPT presents significant, underdiscussed challenges in contrast to hallucinations.

  • Blog post cover art for Some Advice for How to Learn ChatGPT

    Another AI opinion piece, this time about how someone should approach learning about ChatGPT so they can use it most effectively.

  • Blog post cover art for The Implications of ChatGPT for DevRel

    An opinion piece about the implications of ChatGPT on the workflows and careers of Developer Advocates and how they can best utilize it.

  • Blog post cover art for A First Look at tRPC

    tRPC is a TypeScript library for building end-to-end, type-safe APIs. It creates fully typed endpoints on the backend which are queried from a frontend client.

  • Blog post cover art for A First Look at SolidStart

    SolidStart is a project starter and metaframework for SolidJS that provides a first-class way to build and deploy SolidJS applications.

  • Blog post cover art for A First Look at create-t3-app

    create-t3-app is a fullstack, typesafe React framework with Next.js, tRPC, Prisma, and Tailwind deployed on Vercel and Fly.

  • Blog post cover art for Does Remix Scale?

    Zach Leatherman recently put out a provocative benchmark to compare different web frameworks on the speed at which they can generate a static site.

  • Blog post cover art for A First Look at IPFS

    IPFS is a protocol defining a cryptographic-hashed and content-addressed peer-to-peer filesystem for directories and files.

  • Blog post cover art for Storing NFT Information with Fauna

    Learn how to create and deploy a Solidity smart contract to an Ethereum testnet, mint an NFT, and store NFT information in a Fauna database.

  • Blog post cover art for A First Look at Ethers and Hardhat

    This example uses Hardhat and Ethers to compile a smart contract written in Solidity and deploy that contract to an Ethereum test network with Alchemy.